People may seek counselling for a wide range of life issues and Mandy is highly experienced in the all of following areas:


  • Relationship issues – for both individuals and couples
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Difficult or traumatic family of origin impacting on one’s current life
  • Life transitions and adjustment issues
  • Self-esteem, assertiveness, and self-development
  • Trauma, including Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Emotional eating and other addictive behaviours



Mandy’s style is warm, engaging and highly professional as she seeks to help you navigate your way through the issues & concerns you wish to address. She understands it can be a daunting step to pick up the phone and start the process of working through pain and confusion and clients frequently comment on how surprised they have been at how easy & safe they have felt with Mandy from the outset.



Mandy uses a number of therapeutic approaches based upon her assessment of the needs of each person’s situation and what she considers will facilitate the most effective outcomes in each case.



Humanistic Psychology emphasises the potentialities of the whole being, which is more than the sum of the parts, with our fundamental human drive towards creativity, exploration, self-actualisation and spirituality. It respects the uniqueness of each individual and adopts a collaborative relationship between therapist & client while supporting the client to discover the essential ingredients for their own healing.



Mindfulness has emerged from Buddhist Philosophy and teaches us ways in which to develop greater presence in the ‘here & now’ and promotes acceptance of our current experience, even when it isn’t exactly going the way we want! It fosters peace of mind, reduces anxiety and is a pathway par excellence out of habitual and addictive behavioural and cognitive patterns. Mandy has been a practitioner of Buddhist meditation for over 10 years, and a practitioner of other styles of meditation for 15 years prior to that.



Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT) is an approach that views emotions as a natural and adaptive part of our experience, and when we listen deeply they direct us towards our deepest needs. However, for a host of reasons, most of us have learned to override these core messages and instead get stuck in repeating patterns of unhelpful emotions, or in a lack of congruent emotional response. EFT helps us realign with an authentic experience of our internal states helping us listen to, and act from, core needs and hence a healthier sense of Self in the world.



Eye Movement Desensitisation & Refocussing (EMDR) is a technique used in psychotherapy to help reduce the impact of experiences from the past that intrude on your present-day life. Often these prior experiences involve some kind of trauma, but EMDR has also been used to help people deal with anxiety and panic, grief, reactions to physical illness, and many other conditions involving strong emotions and unhelpful core beliefs.



Mandy also teaches Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) – HH The Dalai Lama requested that this program be devised as a program to give people meaningful ways to work with negative emotional states. In 2011, she studied the CEB teacher training with eminent Buddhist scholar & teacher B. Alan Wallace as well as Dr. Paul Ekman, a pioneer of the psychology of emotions. This program incorporates a more comprehensive introduction to the contemplative practices, as well as the ethical and cognitive/emotional dimensions of a balanced life





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