• Are you stuck in repeating cycles of conflict & misunderstanding?
  • Do the same issues come up over and over but nothing gets resolved?
  • Are you struggling to communicate with one another?
  • Is that feeling of warmth & connection hard to access and anger and resentment taking over instead?
  • Are you having sexual difficulties, problems with intimacy or very different levels of sexual desire?
  • Has there been a loss of trust in the form of an affair or perhaps a hidden pornography addiction?
  • Do you want to find a way forward to a more fulfilling relationship together?



Couples come to counselling for a host of reasons such as those listed above and relationship counselling can address a range of relationship issues to help you find your way out of repetitive patterns of conflict and create a new platform of understanding of yourself, your partner and your negative cycle, as you deepen the communication and intimacy with one another.



Couples I have worked with report the process to be one where they feel safe to express their hurts & grievances, feel heard and supported in conveying their concerns to their partner in a new & healthy way, and relieved to find that this is possible. As the repeating cycle of conflict deescalates and both partners feel validated by me in the counselling space, each one begins to either come out of their shell and/or better regulate how they express their distress. With skillful guidance, new ways of understanding each other can emerge as they find their way towards a close, trusting and respectful bond.



I am one of only a handful of fully certified EFCT Therapists in Australia. Emotion Focussed Therapy for Couples (EFCT) is a growing force in the field of relationship work with an expanding body of empirical research supporting its effectiveness. EFCT draws on the tools developed in Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT) for individuals to access & deepen emotional experience of core needs, which are often driven out of awareness early in life. Applying these interventions in couples work, we also integrate the growing body of knowledge provided by Attachment Theory to help us map the ways in which we are driven to interact with a partner to try & get those needs met, but find ourselves in repetitive negative cycles instead. EFCT provides us with a well-mapped pathway out of these distressing patterns usually within 8-20 sessions of therapy.



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